Rope Access technique of movement on a rope would only be used when traditional access systems cannot be installed. The basic Rope Access equipment should be used with a Fall Protection System. Rescue technique is used in an emergency, so it is naturally the most sensitive. This intervention can either be performed by the user him/herself, if he/she is conscious and has the necessary equipment for self-extraction, or by a helper. In this situation, it is necessary to be able to reach the victim, release him/her in complete safety and move the person upwards or downwards.



  • Premium TWISTED POLYAMIDE 3 strand give you the perfect balance of traditional 3 strand construction with a soft free running safety line resist jamming and hocking.
  • Perfect for rope grabs, vertical lifelines and lifeline assemblies Supple
  • High strength Good abrasion resistance Easily spliced Twisted Rope .Made up of Polyester.
  • Available in various lengths on request.
  • Maximum Roll Size : 300mts
  • Available in Dia of : 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm & 20mm.
  • As per DIN EN 697 Form A


  • Kernmantle ropes with low elongation designed for general use by persons in rope-assisted work activities including all kinds of work positioning and restraint tasks, rescue operations, and caving.
  • These Ropes can also be manufactured in different shade combinations and pattern as per customer need. Kernmantle Static Rope
  • Made up of Polyamide.
  • Available in various lengths on request.
  • Maximum Roll Size : 200mts
  • Available in Dia of : 9mm, 10.5mm& 11mm.
  • As per EN 1891 A
Anchorage Line Model Number Length
Twisted Rope Anchorage Line (14mm) UTAL 10 10 mtr
UTAL 20 20 mtr
UTAL 30 30 mtr
UTAL 40 40 mtr
UTAL 50 50 mtr
UTAL 100 100 mtr
UTAL 150 150 mtr
UTAL 200 200 mtr
Kernmantle Rope Anchorage Line (11mm) UKAL 10 10 mtr
UKAL 20 20 mtr
UKAL 30 30 mtr
UKAL 40 40 mtr
UKAL 50 50 mtr
UKAL 100 100 mtr
UKAL 150 150 mtr
UKAL 200 200 mtr